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For children hungry to learn

We know that getting children engaged with food at an early age helps them make better food choices. By improving accessibility and changing a generation’s attitude to food we can begin to combat health inequalities.

Table Talk Foundation work with Adopt a School Trust, an established charity who bring chefs into schools to help children develop healthy eating habits, an enthusiasm and interest in food, and an insight into the hospitality industry, all from within the classroom!

  • In 2022 we sponsored our full-time chef John.
  • He is now working with more than 25 schools and holiday clubs in Sussex.
  • That is over 1,000 children!
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Know the facts...


Obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year in the UK.


By the time children finish primary school 1 in 3 are overweight or obese, with one in five children obese.


Childhood obesity levels have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Delivering our programme

In March 2023, we are very excited to launch The Training Kitchen at Plumpton College in association with Adopt a School Trust and Table Talk Foundation.

The kitchen gives us a permanent base, allowing children to learn in an environment that can really inspire them and let them get their hands messy! Sitting on the grounds of Plumpton College, children have the opportunity to explore the farm and dairy and see exactly where their food comes from.

We will continue to deliver high quality food education in schools and offer additional sessions in the kitchen.

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